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Part Exchange


Blakesley Estates work alongside PX Partnership to give buyers more options when purchasing their new home with us.

On average Part Exchange options dramatically reduce the time it takes for a buyer to move into their home. ‘It takes an average of 50 days to find a buyer in the UK and a further 12 weeks to complete the sale. Almost half of all house sales fall through before completion. Opting for a part-exchange house means no waiting for the right buyer and a simpler, expedited sales process.’ (Chris Hodgkinson, Home Truths)

So, why chose to Part Exchange?
  1. QUICK OFFERS – No need for you to place your property on the market and wait for a buyer to be found
  2.  CERTAINTY – Avoid last minute price renegotiations that can occur with a conventional sale
  3. NO AGENT FEES – By choosing Part Exchange you can avoid paying estate agent fees, potentially saving you thousands of pounds
  4. NO CHAINS – Avoid delays, uncertainty and disappointments associated with long chains
  5. SPEED – We can purchase your property in a fraction of the time compared to selling in the usual way
  6. FLEXIBLE MOVING DATES – There are no chains to dictate your moving date, giving you more flexibility and we also allow you the opportunity to stay in your previous property for up to 2 weeks after completion
  7. WORRY AND HASSLE FREE – No waiting, no chains, no fall through or renegotiations gives you control over moving dates – this all makes for a simple and stress free moving experience
  8. GUARANTEED SALE – Avoid the risk of your sale falling through

Currently, Blakesley Estates are only offering Part Exchange on their Karsbrook Green homes, with a view to expand this offering to additional developments in the future.

CLICK HERE for more information on Part Exchange with PX Partnership.